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Wildkaffee for your French press

The French press has been one of the most popular methods of preparing coffee for many years. No wonder, the French press is easy to use and is also a very easy-care coffee maker in general.

The great thing about French press preparation is that, despite it being very easy to use, you don't have to compromise on quality and taste.

Why should you make coffee with a French press?

Making coffee with a French press allows you to fully extract the coffee's natural flavors and oils. The French press's ease of use and robust design make it an ideal choice for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a strong and flavorful coffee.

The French press is very easy to clean thanks to its design and does not require any filter paper. This means that the French press preparation can also be classified as very sustainable.

Quality and taste when making coffee with the French press

French press coffee retains the coffee's suspended particles, fats and oils, which make the cup profile more nuanced and full of body. This is simply because the French press brewing method uses direct extraction.

This means that the ground coffee is extracted directly in the water and can thus develop a full flavor. It is important that the coffee is ground very coarsely.

Making coffee with the French press - instructions:

1. The right amount of coffee and grind: Start with freshly roasted, high-quality coffee beans. For the French press, we recommend a coarse grind that allows for an even extraction. For a standard serving, use about 60 grams of coffee per 1,000 ml of water.

2. Preheat the French press: Rinse the French press with hot water to preheat it and remove any residue. This will help maintain the coffee temperature during the brewing process.

3. Add coffee and water: Put the ground coffee into the French press. Then pour 100 ml in a circular motion and let the coffee brew for a good 30 seconds. Then pour the remaining 900 ml steadily and slowly and stir vigorously once.

4. Brewing time and pressing: Let the coffee brew for about 4 minutes. Then put the lid with the plunger on the French press and slowly press it down to separate the coffee grounds from the coffee. Do not press the plunger down too quickly to avoid overflow.

5. Enjoy your coffee: Pour the freshly brewed coffee into pre-warmed cups or glasses and let yourself be enchanted by its intense aroma and taste. You can also leave the coffee in an insulated French press to keep it warm and enjoy later.

Advantages of making coffee with the French press

The French press preparation is not only known for excellent coffee enjoyment. The versatility of this stylish coffee maker also amazes us every day. For example, the choice of coffee alone brings a lot of variety to your daily coffee enjoyment: In the French press, as already mentioned, you can prepare medium and light roasts.

Each selected bean brings with it a very special taste experience. If you like refreshing cold brew coffee in the summer, you can easily prepare a delicious cold brew coffee in your French press.

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