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Prepare coffee using a dripper

Discover the incomparable taste of hand-filtered coffee! Immerse yourself in the world of artisanal coffee enjoyment and find out why more and more coffee lovers are turning to hand-filtered coffee.

Find out more about the benefits, the correct preparation and the unique taste experience of hand-filtered coffee. Be amazed by the aromatic variety and the quality of this special coffee!

Why make coffee with a dripper?

Pour over coffee is a method in which the coffee is brewed slowly and by hand through a filter. Unlike coffee machines, the manual filter allows precise control over the brewing process, which intensifies the taste and aroma of the coffee. The result is a coffee that is particularly full-bodied, aromatic and flavorful.

Quality and taste of pour over coffee

The manual filter allows for optimal extraction of the coffee aromas and oils, resulting in a rich cup profile. The slow brewing process allows the water to release all of the coffee's flavors, creating a balanced taste experience.

Hand-filtered coffee is often characterized by a soft and clear cup, in which the individual flavor nuances of the coffee are fully brought out.

The correct preparation of pour over coffee

Making hand-drip coffee requires a little more time and attention, but the result is worth it. Here are some steps to brew the perfect hand-drip coffee:

1. Grind your coffee beans fresh and choose the grinding level that suits the hand filter method.

2. Place the filter paper into the dripper and rinse it with hot water. This will remove any paper taste and residue.

3. Add the ground coffee to the filter and position the dripper over your serving jug.

4. Slowly and evenly pour hot water over the coffee. Make sure the water is not too hot to ensure optimal extraction.

5. Let the coffee drip through the filter and enjoy the wonderful aroma that spreads.

Pour over coffee offers you the opportunity to customize your coffee creations and discover your personal taste. Try different types of coffee and experiment with brewing times and the coffee-water ratio to find the perfect hand filter coffee that suits your preferences.

The advantages of pour over coffee

In addition to the first-class taste, pour over coffee offers other advantages. The slow brewing method allows you to control the brewing process precisely and adjust the coffee to your preferences.

Pour over coffee also allows you to take a conscious and relaxed coffee break, where you can concentrate entirely on the ritual and enjoyment. Discover the true taste of individual country coffees with the manual filter. Experience the fascination and the fine nuances that this traditional brewing method brings with it, and discover your very own personal coffee enjoyment!

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