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Making coffee with the AeroPress

Discover the full-bodied pleasure of home-brewed coffee prepared with the AeroPress. The AeroPress is an innovative way to brew rich and aromatic coffee. Here we show you how to use the AeroPress to unlock the full potential of your coffee beans.

Why you should make coffee with the AeroPress

The AeroPress is not only a practical and versatile coffee machine, but also a special treat for coffee lovers. With its fast brewing time and unique pressure system, it allows for complete extraction of the coffee's aromas and oils.

This makes the cup profile fuller and richer in aromas. Coffee with the AeroPress is ideal for traveling, camping, mountain tours, but of course also for enjoying excellent coffee at home.

Quality and taste with the AeroPress

Discover the art of making coffee with the AeroPress and experience a full-bodied and aromatic coffee experience. Our guide will help you get the most out of your AeroPress and pamper your taste buds.

Especially in the third coffee wave, coffee with the AeroPress really took off. This is probably because the sweet, fruity notes of single-origin coffees from different countries can be specifically highlighted in coffee made in the AeroPress.

How to prepare with the AeroPress

1. The right amount of coffee and grind: Start with high-quality, freshly roasted coffee beans. For the AeroPress, we recommend a fine to medium grind, similar to table salt. For a standard serving, use about 15 to 18 grams of coffee for 200 ml of water.

2. Prepare the AeroPress: Wet the AeroPress filter and place it in the filter holder. Place the AeroPress on a cup or container and rinse it with hot water to preheat it and remove any paper taste.

3. Pour the coffee and stir: Put the ground coffee in the AeroPress. Pour around 60 ml of hot water over the coffee in circular movements. Now let the coffee brew for a good 20 seconds. Pour the remaining 140 ml of water slowly and steadily in circular movements.

4. Press and Extract: Place the filter holder with the moistened filter onto the AeroPress, place the AeroPress onto your preferred vessel and slowly press the plunger down to extract the coffee. The extraction time is usually about 1 to 2 minutes.

5. Enjoy your coffee

The advantages of the AeroPress

Brew your coffee with care and dedication and enjoy the amazing variety of flavors that the AeroPress offers. Immerse yourself in the world of coffee and discover the joy of a cup of coffee that you can prepare according to your own preferences.

It is a real lightweight and consists of only 3 parts: the brewing vessel, the press piston and the small filter holder in which the specially developed filter paper is inserted. When making coffee with the AeroPress, this small filter is responsible for ensuring that the suspended particles and oils in the coffee do not get into your cup.

Thanks to the simple design, cleaning after making coffee with the AeroPress is child's play! The coffee grounds and filter paper can be easily disposed of by pressing the press piston after removing the filter holder.

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