Cold Brew Kenya

Cassis - Currant - Sweet

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Our cold brew coffee for on the go - this energy boost is now available with our coffee from Kenya. Also made by the company 25GRAMS from Austria and made from just two ingredients: coffee and water - so it is unsweetened and contains no additives. Each 200 ml bottle contains 25 g of coffee . The best way to enjoy the cold brew is with ice cubes and, if you like, with a slice of lemon or orange.

Content: 200 ml
Ingredients: coffee, water
* Unsweetened, without additives
* Store away from heat and light
* after opening, keep refrigerated for 3 - 4 days

Best before: October 15, 2024

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Cold Brew Kenia

  • About the coffee

    This cold brew coffee was also created together with the girls and guys from 25GRAMS in beautiful Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. There, our exquisite coffee beans from Kenya are ground and processed into tasty cold brew coffee. Quality and transparency are of course our top priority.

    From Bean 2 Bottle is the magic word. The beans come from a cooperative in Kenya. The specialty coffee from Kenya tastes particularly interesting as a cold brew. It develops a very clear cup profile, which impresses with notes of cassis, sweetness and blackcurrant. The ideal bundle of power for the summer. Enjoy!

  • Characteristics

    Condition: Washed
    Taste: Cassis - currant - sweet
    Variety: SL28, SL34, Batian and Ruiru 11
    Preparation method: Cold Brew
    Country of origin: Kenya


Preparation of Cold Brew

At home or on the go, you can easily prepare cold brew using the Hario Cold Brew Maker. The removable filter inside the glass bottle not only makes it easy to prepare cold brew, but thanks to the sealable silicone lid you can also transport your energy supply and even serve it straight away. The filter is of course reusable, it really doesn't let any coffee grounds through and is "hooked" into the upper part of the lid, so it literally floats in the bottle.

By the way: After removing the filter, you can easily clean it by hand under running water. With one of our cold brew bottles you can prepare around 650 ml. But how much coffee and water do you actually need for this? Depending on the coffee you choose, we recommend using around 75 - 100 g of coffee for the Hario Maker.

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