Rwanda Washed

Yellow Kiwi - Honey - Apricot

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  • About the coffee

    This coffee is best prepared as filter coffee.

    The cherries for this coffee grow in the district of Ngororero, around 75 km south of Rwanda's capital Kigali. The coffee trees thrive at an altitude of around 1,550 meters. After the harvest, the coffee is washed and processed. Care is taken to use as little water as possible. The coffee is first depulped and then washed until the mucilage (sugar slime) is completely removed from the beans. The coffee is then washed again and spread out on so-called "dry tables" for 16 to 21 days to dry.

  • About the origin

    Our Rwanda Washed is a unique coffee. The green coffee we selected comes from the coffee project of Eric Wright, a partner farmer with whom we have been working for several years. For the Community Coffee Rwanda Project, Eric first leased a central washing station, which is still located in the very south of the country. Two years later, he also developed an area where no coffee had yet been grown. The local population viewed Wright's venture with some skepticism.

  • About the project

    The focus of the coffees from the CCR - the Community Coffee Rwanda Project - is of course the best quality. The coffee should give the end consumer a unique taste experience. The tasty, berry-like taste of the specialty coffees from Rwanda is convincing. This is underlined by the high-quality processing methods. Both the natural and the washed processing give the coffees their unique taste.


How to prepare Rwanda Washed in a hand filter!

You need: 18 g ground coffee, 270 ml water and your pour over equipment

1. Place the filter paper in the dripper and rinse with warm water
2. Pour the coffee into the dripper and pre-brew 50 ml in circular movements for 30 seconds
3. Then add 55 ml 4 times every 20 seconds in circular movements
4. The brewing process should last between 2:30-3:00 minutes

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Wildkaffee Roastery

Rwanda Washed Specialty Coffee

New washing stations for even more flavor variety

Since 2019, Eric has also been operating two more washing stations in the Karongi District and Ngororero District. Both regions are located in western Rwanda. There were and are numerous small farmers in this region. These small farmers lack the knowledge and, above all, the means to cultivate coffee in a profitable and high-quality manner.

Further planned coffee projects in Rwanda

In addition to the projects that have already been implemented, Eric still has far-reaching visions. In particular, Eric wants to continue to work on gaining the trust of local coffee farmers. He wants to convey to them that the farmers can trust him. With targeted training and the expansion of goods that are to be exported to Europe, including fruit, wax, honey and other products, the aim is to create year-round yields and thus better living conditions for everyone.

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